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Why do you need to install an Electric Fence System?

Why do you need to install an Electric Fence System? How is it different from the ordinary fence or gates that we have? What are its major advantages and benefits? Heres an outline of the reasons why you should consider to install an electric fence system.

1) Electric Fence System C Safe and Effective

The shock of electric fence security system is painful so it deters animals as well as people from trespassing. A low impedance electric shock is not cruel or inhumane and does not cause physical injury. This system only requires relatively low capital outlay and can monitor long distances. It also has low maintenance costs because it reduces the need for security manpower and has an extended operating life.

2) Electric Fence System C Economical and Cost-effective

Electric fence security system is more economical than concrete fencing. Considering that the shock of the fence is the greater deterrent and not the brute strength, the need for elaborate bracing is unnecessary. Reduced repair and maintenance also adds to the economical value. Over long periods, electric fence requires far less consumption of time and money to maintain compared to most rigid products.

3) Electric Fence System C User-Friendly

Operating the Electric fence security system is simple and it does not compromise security. Fence monitoring and alarm signals should be easy to understand as well as directing responding agencies to the alarm location.

4) Electric Fence System C Advanced technology

The electric security fences can be integrated with other security systems such as cctvs, Access Controls and Intrusion Alarms. The system is capable of remote control monitoring and as well as have other direct communication options such as radios, landlines and cellular phones.


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